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FAQs of Our Residential and Commercial Services

At Harriss Roofing in Glen Burnie, MD, our licensed and insured contractors specialize in a wide variety of exterior remodeling services for home and business owners throughout the community. For over 35 years, we have been the company you can trust for a high-quality finished product delivered on time. If you want to improve your home or office’s curb appeal, we can help with our transformative services. Learn more about the services we offer, and then contact us today to get started with a project estimate!

Do I Need a New Roof?

Unless you’re a licensed and experienced roofing contractor, it can be challenging to know if you need to replace your existing roof or it just needs some repairs. Luckily, the roofing contractors at Harriss Roofing have decades of experience and training to identify issues quickly and accurately with residential and commercial roofs. With a roof inspection, we will identify any problems we find with your roof and make a repair or replacement recommendation. If you notice any leaks, moss growth, missing or curled shingles, contact us today to schedule your inspection.

How Often Should My Roof Be Replaced?

There is no definitive timeframe for how long your roof will last. The lifespan of your roof is impacted by the type of material used, weather, as well as how it was installed. Most asphalt shingle roofs are manufactured to last between 15-25 years. However, if you’ve installed a metal roof, you can expect the lifespan of your roof to last substantially longer.

Should I Replace My Roof Before Selling My Home?

Investing in a new roof can be a difficult decision to make, especially if you plan on listing your home. However, replacing your roof before selling it makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. Buyers love the peace of mind knowing that their new investment will be protected. You’ll also get a return on investment of about 60%-68%.

Is Vinyl Siding Good?

Vinyl siding is an affordable and durable siding option. Homeowners love it because of its low installation cost and customization. It comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures that match any style or aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. At Harriss Roofing, we offer numerous siding options including, Vinyl siding, aluminum, cedar shakes, and HardiePlank.

Is Vinyl Siding Low Maintenance?

One of vinyl siding’s most impressive features is its extremely low maintenance. Once it’s been installed, homeowners don’t have to clean or wash it. Vinyl siding will maintain its vibrant colors for years and withstand harsh weather elements and high wind gusts. Vinyl siding’s low maintenance makes it one of the most popular siding options available.

Do I Need New Gutters?

Gutters are essential for protecting your home’s roof and basement. If your gutters are beginning to fail, you shouldn’t overlook replacing them. Water can devastate a home, and gutters are responsible for moving hundreds of gallons of water away from your roof and foundation every year. Keep an eye out for common signs your gutters need to be replaced:

  • Puddle Around Your Foundation
  • Water Leaks
  • Sagging or Bent Gutters
  • Stains on Your Home’s Side
  • Plant Growth

Do I Need New Windows?

Installing and updating your home’s windows offer numerous benefits to your home’s energy efficiency as well as its curb appeal. We offer a wide selection of beautiful windows made from high-quality materials for the perfect look. Below are some signs that you may need to install new windows in your home.

  • Fogged Windows – Most modern windows are manufactured with layers of glass. Between them is a gas that helps improve insulation. However, the gas can escape once the seal breaks, and your windows may become fogged. The cloudy film will obstruct views and looks dirty.
  • Increased Energy Costs – If you have older windows in your home, you may be paying more in energy costs. That’s because new windows are manufactured to prevent energy loss through heat transfer. If you feel a cold draft entering your home through your windows, it may be time to install a new one.
  • Deteriorating Frame – The frame is just as important as the window itself. If the frame is beginning to rot and warp, it will impact your home’s curb appeal and most likely lead to increased energy costs.

Choose the Local Leader for Your Exterior Home Projects

Home and business owners throughout Glen Burnie, MD, and the surrounding communities have trusted Harriss Roofing for over 35 years for all of their exterior remodeling projects, including window, gutter, and roof replacement services. As a licensed and highly-trained team of professionals, we always strive to provide you with the very best services and results. Contact our team today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about your project and provide you with an estimate.

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