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Skylight Installation & Repair for Glen Burnie, MD Residents

Harriss Roofing Inc provides a wide range of skylight installation and repair services customized to the needs of Glen Burnie, MD residents. Our family-owned company uses the industry’s highest quality products, including those from VELUX. We adhere to your project’s unique deadline and budget requirements to guarantee total satisfaction from start to finish. No matter where you’re located in Anne Arundel or Howard County, we offer free consultations with estimates prior to any work. Be sure to ask us about how installing new energy-efficient skylights could make you eligible for a federal tax credit and additional savings!

Skylight Installation Repair in Glen Burnie, MD

What Are Some of the Advantages Offered by Our Skylights?

Are you considering installing skylights in your home or office? Letting in additional natural lighting and fresh air are among the main advantages. Skylights, or roof windows, can improve workplace morale and performance or help you minimize heating costs during Maryland’s frosty winters. Better air ventilation also allows you to cut back on air conditioning costs during the hot and humid summers. Skylights help any room feel bigger and can add significant resale value to any property. VELUX is a well-respected skylight brand, and we specialize in installing three main types of their skylights.


Curb-mounted skylights are standard and are designed to fit over a curb like the lid would fit on top of a shoebox. They’re easy to customize and install because you may not have to re-flash the entire skylight every time you install them. This type of skylight requires a box-like structure for your unit to rest on, and it conveniently attaches to your roof deck. You won’t have to worry about leaks with curb-mounted skylights, as they’re flexible in size.


Deck-mounted skylights “hug” your roof to offer improved energy-efficiency. This type is attached directly to your roof deck with a built-in frame and a flashing kit to make it more watertight. They’re the preferred choice for many new construction projects because they’re versatile and easy to install. They’re ideal for sloped roofs and anyone desiring a more visually appealing alternative. However, they’re limited to standard sizes.


The VELUX pan-flashed skylight is a deck-mounted skylight that comes with its own aluminum pan flashing for easy installation. Ideal for a pitched roof deck with asphalt shingles, you won’t need any additional flashing kits with this type. Pan-flashed skylights may be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on your roof and preferences. Be sure to ask about manually-operated or solar blind options for the ultimate in convenience.

Let in the Sunshine without UV Rays or Humidity

Let in sunlight and fresh air without worrying about harmful UV rays or humidity when you install skylights in your home or office. Harriss Roofing Inc would be happy to help you weigh the pros and cons of skylight installation in Glen Burnie and the surrounding areas. Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded with over 35 years of experience for your peace of mind!

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