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Residential Roofing in Glen Burnie

A home’s roof plays a substantial role in protecting the house from the direct onslaught of weather as well as adding to the home’s visual appeal. This is why you should entrust the care of your home’s roof to a professional roofing company with years of proven experience.

At Harriss Roofing, we offer a wide range of services that can help you resolve any issues you may have with your property’s roof. Whether it is shingle or metal roofing, we can help ensure that your roof is properly constructed and well maintained.

Roof Inspection in Glen Burnie

Types of Residential Roofs

There are many types of roof coverings used for homes, each with its unique appeal and characteristics. They are used for a variety of roof styles, including all types of flat and pitched roofs. Regardless of what kind of roof covering your home has, we can help you. We have extensive experience in handling roofs covered by:

  • Cedar Shakes
  • Slate
  • Shingles
  • Slag
  • Metal
  • Built Up Roofing
  • Duro-Last Single Ply Roof System
  • TPO Single Ply Roof System
  • Firestone EDPM Roof System
New roof installations in Glen Burnie, MD

What We Do

A member of our team will come out to your property to inspect your roof at a time that is convenient for you. If you are seeking a shelter for new construction, we will be more than happy to consult with your builders. We will discuss with you all of your options so that you will be able to decide on the best solution for your roofing situation. Our residential roofing services include:

  • Re-roofing
  • Roof inspection
  • Roof replacement
  • Roof Repair
  • Shingle repair
  • New roof installations
  • Emergency repair

Our residential roofing services treat all aspects of a roofing system, including gutters. We offer installation and repair services for copper, aluminum or galvanized gutters that can be customized to suit the unique style of your home.

Have an Aging Roof or Storm Damage? Request a Free Estimate!